“I was referred to Karen by a mutual acquaintance who knew my husband had passed away.  When I met her, she immediately put me at ease with her light and easy personality, and we talked about all kinds of things before meditating together.  Once I was on the table for Reiki, she immediately connected with my husband on the other side, relaying messages with the tone and humor of my late husband, and discussing things she could not have known anything about.  It was, and is, a great comfort to know I can always come to her to get reassurance from my late husband that he is watching over me and our family. This is not her only psychic gift. She helps on many different levels with past, present, and future.  Sessions with Karen are a regular part of my personal wellness and I feel so fortunate to know her.”


“I had a great session with Karen.  She was very thorough, patient, and calm, with true confidence in what she’s doing.  Not knowing just what to expect of the session, she helped me to relax and be open of heart and mind.  The result was near cathartic, and exhilarating.”

– Jeff H.

“Karen Cooper is the most gifted medium I have had ever had the privilege of working with. Her innate ability to communicate with the spirit of departed loved ones as well as her mastery of energetic healing create an irresistible invitation to surrender to the mystery of healing. Karen’s compassionate and loving effect is the icing on an already exquisite cake of transformative experience.”
– Alana Cooklin, astrologer and intuitive life coach
“I can not find enough wonderful things to say about working with Karen.  She has such a calm and loving presence.  Karen has a true gift of healing and of insight.  She has helped me through a number of transitions – parenting, grief over loss of a spouse, and starting a new career after 16 years out of the workforce.  Her insights have been spot on.  I told Karen I was meeting an old friend for dinner.  Karen said, “You won’t date him, but you will work with him and be on the board of his company.”  I am now a year out, fabulously happy in my new career as exec of a startup software company and on the board of the company.  She is truly amazing – and all with such gentleness and kindness.”
– Sondra M.